Friday, April 28, 2017

Silent but deadly

I could've told him that my mother had died on Ellis Crossing when I was 11. I could've told him that I was so distraught with my father leaving and my mother's death that I threw myself off Rainbow Bridge to escape it all... i could've told them that before I hit the water wings had sprouted from my back and I opened my eyes to bright blue sky. I could've told him that my best friends were some homely little rats with wings. I could've told them that despite the ability to fly I had never left the confines of the city, and hardly even the Victorian, because I couldn't bring myself to cross the tracks of Killer Crossing. I could've told him everything. But I didn't. 

We had been walking around the park for hours. We had gotten a slice of the World's Best Pizza to go but Carter still hadn't taken a bite. He seemed hesitant to ask questions and anytime he hinted at it I changed the subject quickly. We climbed a tree and watched the Lunar Eclipse. After minutes of silence, I kissed him on the cheek, said goodbye forever, climbed down the tree and walked home by myself. 

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