Friday, April 28, 2017


The Fifty-third Calypso:

Oh, a sleeping drunkard
Up in Central Park,
And a lion-hunter
In the jungle dark,
And a Chinese dentist,
And a British queen--
All fit together
In the same machine.
Nice, nice, very nice;
Nice, nice, very nice;
Nice, nice, very nice--
So many different people
In the same device.

Rest in Peace, Rory Langley. She didn't go out with a bang bang
A pool-pah was coming and all of the members of the Victorian had become wrang-wrangs. My zah-ma-ki-bo was calling and I knew it was time to fly away way. 
I grabbed my belongings and walked out the door, I could no longer stay stay. 
I waved to Ellen as I took my leave 
She was to busy hiding her heart in her sleeve 
I flew to Ellis crossing and looked down at the tracks
Without a second thought, I stepped across and never looked back. 

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